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Produce Drop was born on the principal of helping others.. it all started when Phil and Jason came together during COVID and launched the business as a means of helping their family and friends by delivering fresh fruit and veg boxes over the weekend.

Drop by Drop this side hustle slowly began transforming into a business and it was at that point they knew that there was an opportunity to share Produce Drop with not just close family and friends but the whole of Sydney.


So did their passion and systems around delivering the BEST fresh produce our Aussie Farmers have to offer. It became about educating their community they had built on social media with new produce items.. where your fresh produce comes from.. how to eat in a seasonal rhythm to get the most nutrition out of your produce. In a traditionally closed industry there was so much to teach people and that’s what really excited them.


Now with over 1,000 amazing customers and new additions such as meat and dry goods, their journey continues! At the start of this year they wrote down some key principals that MUST be honoured by themselves, no matter what happens. And these are them;

“All our purchased goods must be heavily vetted,quality control has to be at the forefront of our business and if it does’t tick the boxes it needs to in terms of quality,it most certainly isn’t going in the box.”

“Aussie Farmers FIRST! Always purchase our produce from Aussie farmers first. This means making sure that we support our amazing country and its hard working farmers.”

“Grow with our customers. Our customers shape the way our business develops. We treat every word of feedback like gold. It is how we believe we can be successful and that’s ensuring we provide a feedback driven business.”

“Be genuine and do your research! When delivering educational messages to our audience make sure it is backed by research and has been proven correct.”