The Refresh Drop

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Produce Drop's Staple Mixed Box
Featuring The Most Essential Seasonal Mix of Household Fruits & Vegetables! 
Perfect for Couples or Families!

1 x Celery
1 x Cauliflower 
2 x Broccolini Bunch 
1 x Iceberg Lettuce 
1 x Pineapple 
1 x Bananas Bunch 
2 x Qukes Punnet
2 x Strawberries Punnet
500g Truss Tomatoes 
1 x Mini Capsicums Punnet
1kg Cocktail Potatoes 
2 x Mandarins (Seasonal) 
2 x Oranges 
2 x Apples 
2 x Avocados 
1kg Carrots 
2 x Pears 

What's in the Box